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Natural Stone

The Benefits of Natural Stone Tile

There is a beauty in nature that really can't be imitated with synthetic material. Natural stone tile will appeal to those who want to use the elements of the earth to enhance their home. Stone tile is not only a luxurious look, it's also one that gives your home a lot more character. Since no stone in the world is truly the same, your floor will get a makeover with stone tiles that look visually interesting but still feel comfortable under your feet.


Depending on which type of tile you choose, you can get subtle colors of peach, pink and gold in the form of speckles and patterns that will play with the lighting in your home. There is nothing boring about natural stone flooring, and it can fit in with a variety of different types of flooring. From the kitchen to the foyer, you'll immediately evoke the feeling of warmth and welcome for all who enter the room. Plus, there are different types of stone that fit different types of lifestyles. 


Besides the aesthetic qualities you'll find in stone flooring like granite and sandstone, this is also a practical choice to last you for years. This is definitely something to consider for rooms that see the scraping and scratching of heavy chairs or couches being dragged along the floor or for kids who may not be very gentle on what's beneath their feet. Stain and water-resistant, natural stone tile simply works on all levels. For rooms that don't see that kind of traffic, you may consider slightly more delicate flooring choices like slate or soapstone.


Natural stone tile can either be rough or glossy, and your best choice will depend on how you use your home. A rougher, more uneven stone can prevent slips and falls in the bathroom, kitchen or entrance way. Glossy tiles may work better for formal areas or if you prefer a smooth feel beneath your feet. Highly polished tiles require more care to keep them looking fabulous, but you may find the extra work to be worth it when you see the floor glimmer during your next dinner party.


If you would like to learn more about how natural stone tile can work within your lifestyle, visit us in Maple Ridge, BC today! Our team is looking forward to helping you find the perfect product for your home.



Natural Stone Tile - Maple Ridge, BC

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