Tigressa Carpet

Information on a luxurious flooring option for your home.

Tigressa Carpet

If you are in the market for a premium carpet option that is incredibly stylish, and tough enough to last in your lifestyle, then consider the Tigressa carpet line! Regardless of the area that is in need of new flooring, you can be sure that there a style and type for that selection.

For those interested in a carpet that is the softest in the Tigressa line, look no further than the Tigressa Cherish. This option is made with high-tensile denier filaments that provide an incredibly soft feeling. Do not let the softness fool you though! This carpet can work well in busy areas. Tigressa Cherish also uses advanced color technology to ensure you carpet looks new for years to come.

Tigressa Softstyle was designed to be an option for those who want a premier nylon product that is both softer and stronger than a normal carpet. This option uses strong fibers that are able to distribute the normal wear with a carpet among more fibers than a standard carpet. The Tigressa Softstyle is also produced using a modern engineering process that has fewer dye pockets in each stand of carpet.

The Tigressa carpet that was made to stand up to the toughest of enemies, is the Tigressa H20 Carpet. Designed with a 100% thermoplastic grade, the Tigressa H20 is able to prevent liquids from being absorbed into the carpet. This makes this option an excellent one for busier lifestyles.

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