Cork Flooring

The advantages of Cork Flooring

Advantages Of Cork Flooring

No style of flooring gives your room as unique of a texture quite like corked boards made from oak trees. What is more, the wood used to make cork flooring can be harvested in a way that does not harm the trees.

Benefits of Using Corks for Floors

This crafted material not only looks exotic but it is also known for its resilience. It withstands heavy pressure of appliances and furniture that is placed over it. It also holds the weight of a person who is wearing heeled shoes without causing floor denting. The porous cells of the cork board also retain air.

One of the best features, however, is its ability to absorb loud sound vibrations. Therefore, this kind of floor material is preferred for home theater rooms. In addition, it holds more heat and reduces your energy bill. Furthermore, the cork boards never feel too cold or hot to the touch of bare feet.

Cork Floor Board Construction

This flooring material also stays sanitary as it absorbs all microbial substance and prevents allergen buildup. It also does not collect dust unlike other types of other floors. In the making of this kind of flooring, a natural wax called suberin that repels bugs is added to it.

Eco-Friendliness and Usages of Cork

Cork flooring can be made from the bark. Therefore, it does not require chopping oaks trees in order to produce it. This kind of wooden material serves both a practical and aesthetic purpose no matter where it is installed.

Place it in a kitchen, dining room, hallway, or outside shed – or anywhere you please. Use it treated or untreated and have it painted with a stain to coordinate with your furniture. Even cover your outdoor patio or gazebo area with it if you want. Its neutral colors make it applicable with any style of décor.

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