Commercial Flooring Installation

commercial flooring Maple Ridge, BCWhat to consider when choosing your company’s flooring

Are you looking to replace the flooring in your place of business, or are you moving into a different building and planning on renovating? The flooring that is installed in your building is an important component of your customers’ first impressions of your brand. You are also creating the atmosphere that your employees will be working in. Below are some points to consider when choosing which commercial flooring to have installed in your building.

Reflect Your Brand

When you begin the process of selecting flooring, some of the first decisions you have to make include the type of material you want to use, component size, and color, among other elements. These decisions are much easier to make if you consider your brand. Your flooring should complement the colors of your logo, and reflect the feeling you want your customers to have when they enter your storefront.

Keep Your Building in Mind

Many buildings lend themselves to certain types of flooring materials. For instance, if you are renovating a residential property that has been transformed into a coffeehouse or Attorney’s office, you might look into warm flooring materials, such as hardwood flooring.

Consider Noise Level

Many businesses like to use commercial flooring options such as hardwood flooring and tile to complement the intended aesthetic for a building. However, if your business receives a lot of foot traffic, these beautiful options can quickly become quite noisy. Instead, it might be a better idea to opt for quieter selections. Cork and carpet are great options that dampen sound. These can be used in an entryway to cut down on the noise of customers entering and exiting your business.

Shop for Durability

Replacing the flooring in a business, or renovating a building in general, is a large undertaking, and requires a significant amount of time, money, and effort. You want your floors to last for a long time. While both vinyl and laminate are great for versatility and easy-cleaning, they are not likely to last for very long at all, and will need to be replaced somewhat frequently. While wood and tile are not as versatile in use, they are extremely durable materials, and will not have to be replaced for a considerable amount of time after installation.

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